Your story needs to be heard. Be discovered.

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There’s a saying that a picture is worth a 1000 words. In this digital era, a picture is
worthless without a description. Your pictures, your story needs to be heard;
YOU need to be heard. Start working on your story with InstantWizz,
the best caption writer out there.

Why InstantWizz

Hashtags stress free

You don’t need to manually count your hashtags anymore. InstantWizz will do it for you and even better, it will highlight the duplicates, so you could make the most of your 30 hashtags limit

Compose with confidence

Be at ease with your wording. The smart, intuitive technology will come to your help with spell checking and grammar

Share your work

Sharing your work never been easier. With two taps of your finger your creation will go straight where you need it, on your Instagram profile

All you need in one App

Track your hashtags

The smart realtime hashtags system (SRHS) makes it easy for you to keep track of your remaining hashtags and also helps easily identifying the duplicates by highlighting them

Captions organiser

You can create a new caption, star your favourites or delete the ones you don’t need anymore, with just one swipe

Share with ease

Copy your caption and open your Instagram profile with just two taps

Try InstantWizz for free today!

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The team

Petra Zaremba

Co-founder, Creator of light bulb moments

Daniel Zaremba

Co-founder, Software ninjaneer

Gabi Petruț

Design Brainstormer

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